Delphi Demos

Hi guys. I’m trying to familiarize with Delphi as better as possible. And now I’ve started flicking through the Delphi Demos to get more info about Delphi’s features and possibilities. But unfortunately some demos do not have any description or comments.
So now I can’t figure out what the next demos demonstrate:

Demos\DelphiWin32\VCLWin32\ToolsAPI\Editor KeyBinding

If somebody could give me a brief description about these demos, their functionality, components are used or shown in their code, it would be great for me.
I only have to know the sense of them. I’ll be able to figure out with them deeper myself.

Thank you.


This site is a forum for the FIRST Competitions and not for the Delphi programming languages. It just happens to be developed and maintained by a team that received sponsorship from Delphi Corp (Automotive) and named themselves “Chief Delphi.”

Sorry we won’t be able to help you!