Delphi "Driving Tomorrows Technology" Award

Posted by David Kelly at 03/06/2001 7:20 PM EST

Student on team 234, Cyber Blue, from Perry Meridian High School [IUPUI] and Rolls-Royce/NASA KSC/ NEC/ Trilithic/ Peregrine/.

Here is some pictures of the robot controller that helped Team 234 win the Delphi “Driving Tomorrows Technology” Award at NASA KSC.

Everybody seems to love it!!

David Kelly
Student Captain/ Webmaster
Team 234

P.S. Thanks to teams 59, 233, 282, and 415 for being such a great allinace even though we didn’t win. We were still ESTATIC for finishing as the 3rd place alliance.

Posted by Andy Baker at 03/06/2001 10:30 PM EST

Engineer on team #45, TechnoKats, from Kokomo High School and Delphi Automotive Systems.

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Posted by David Kelly on 03/06/2001 7:20 PM EST:

When we had our little get-together between a few Indiana teams a couple of weeks ago, we were wondering what the heck that thing was.

It won the Delphi award!!! Great job CyberBlue!

Andy B.