Delphi Network Help!

Dear Sir/Madam,
I’m author of a video game called “Poppy And Rose”. I have made this game in the program language Delphi6, the game belongs in the “puzzle” tip and it is with logical elements.
I think that my game with a little adjustment it can attract bigger attention, but I have one problem! What is about?!?
The goal of this game is the player to guess a random generated numbers, so I think that the real value this game can have when it is going to be played in a network of two or more players, more specifically this players to guess the same generated number at the same time and to compete each other, how will guess it first.
My day job is a teacher, so you can see that this product I have made it is more of hobby than anything else. This is why I cannot make this game to work in a network surrounding.
That is why I’m asking who has and can to send a source code for programs that have been working (and are steel working) in a network of two or more computers.
Thank you in advance,
Blagoj Janev