Delphi newbie

Well guys,hi.

I just a few days ago started with delphi and i wanted to know where can i find a function list,if you know what i mean. I 've been using pascal and now i decided to go farther,but the functions seem to be different,so where do i find them? or if any good delphi tutorial post lik please.

thank you. :slight_smile:


First off, while we are glad you’re here, I’m not sure that this is quite the place you’re looking for. These forums are used for the discussion of a program called FIRST which lets high school students, with the help of their sponsors (Delphi being the sponsor of the team who runs this site) design and build a robot over a 6 week period and then compete with it in an international competition.

Even though we aren’t quite what you’re looking for, I would still urge you to stick around and check out what our program is about. Who knows? Maybe you’ll like it and decide to get involved!

Whatever your choice, welcome to the Chief Delphi forums!

Delphi-N has made the common mistake of thinking this is a Delphi Programming Language forum. However, as Beth said, this forum is all about FIRST Robotics & we program in “C”

This might help you find what you’re looking for:

this seems to be happening allot. i wonder how many people come to this site with this exact thought. maybe we need a warning label WARNING: CHIEFDELPHI DOES NOT CLAIM TO BE OR CONTAIN SOURCES FOR THE DELPHI LANGUAGE IF ANYONE ASKS ABOUT SUCH TOPICS CHIEFDELPHI IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY FEELINGS OF DISAPPOINTMENT! :smiley:


Please see this thread for more info.

oh i know it exists but needs to be more aparant. maybe a link to it when you join or just a flashing message on the front page.

huh? :ahh:

wtf! is going on here :stuck_out_tongue:

however yes i made the mistake of thinking,this is delphi forum site :smiley:

i took the links and right now i am looking at them.

thx to everyone who posted btw.

Also what robot are you making? real robot,or program robot-like . . .

EDIT:After looking at those sites i thought better bying a book,omg,its better than all those.

There are over 1000 teams around the world who compete in this competition. It is sponsored by FIRST (For Inspiration Recognition of Science and Technology). Dean Kamen is the founder of FIRST. I am sure you have heard about Segway. Dean Kamen invented that. We encourage you to join or start a team. Please visit for more information. Also if you would like to check out some videos of the competition go to … click on movies, choose 2005, and then one of the regionals. Good luck. :slight_smile:

Define “real robot”… :smiley: Actually, our definition of “robot” is anything attached to the onboard computer. Even that is a little confusing, so here is a (hopefully) clearer explanation: We build a device to play a game. This device (robot) has motors, servos, wires, metal, PVC, you get the picture. The only limits are size, weight, availability, imagination, and whatever the rules tell us. The teams have six weeks to design, build, and program the robot to do what they want it to do. After six weeks, we ship it to a competition and actually play the game. The robots are controlled for a few seconds by their onboard computer and after that by human drivers.

For more information, hang around here for a few months, and read most of the threads (except for the Chit-Chat forum, which has close to nothing to do with the actual game.) The FRC Game Design forum may help you understand what we design and build robots to do.

Noticing your location, maybe someone in Albania wants to know about FIRST and maybe start a team. FIRST is international, and there are teams in Europe and Israel. For information on FIRST in general and the competition, the FIRST website is and it can tell you all you need to know.

For example, here’s the robot that my kids made this year



you should look. most people have links to their teams in their bio. there are some cool robots. put simply this competition is HUGE and encompasses high school, college, and working people even middle school

Thanks to Brandon that we also have a picture gallery. Pictures of robots that students work on for 6 weeks can be found in there. :slight_smile: