Delphi set to trim 150 tech jobs

Troy auto-parts firm to ship some work to India Auto-parts giant Delphi Corp. is shedding at least 150 well-paying technology jobs and will shift some of the work overseas to an Indian firm. The move is one step in the company’s effort to pare down its 500-person information technology staff. Free Press story

That’s a shame to see more jobs lost to overseas. The company I work for builds and supplies automation systems for Delphi and it’s subsideraries. As a matter of fact I just got done working on a system for Delphi Chassis and Electrical last week. Although this doesn’t directly affect my company or me since it has to do with their IT department it’s still a shame to see the jobs lost.

Why are all the businesses going over sea’s anyways? I know it’s cheaper. But is that really their only reason for having people here lose their jobs? It just isn’t very intelligent in my opinion… :frowning:

I got new brake rotors for my Saturn a couple days ago.

My choices at the autoparts store were to get rotors from:

  1. China, for $18 each or
  2. US or Canada, for $38 each

thats why companies are shipping work to Asia - they can make the parts there, and ship them to the US for less than HALF the price we can do it for

(and if anyone is wondering which ones I bought, Im not ready to start driving a Chinese car, not yet :^)

It’s because the United States and countries like us are all service based now. All the manufacturing jobs are going to countries where it is cheaper and easier for business. I think some of the sevice based jobs that are going over seas will start coming back because people are backfiring because of the quality. That is already happening now, kinda. It’s all about cutting cost and finding cheaper and more efficient ways to do business.