Delphi7 help needed please

Hello all,

Like to say hi to everyone as this is my first post. I have a open source program that friend coded in Delphi7 a while back for educational usage. It was a pool cheat for a website, Recently the site changed and he is too busy to change the source to get it working again for a college project. I wondered if anyone has spare time to have a look at it. From what i know all that is needed is to change the balls looking for the color from the game itself. Minor adjustments should fix this but i ain’t got no experience in coding myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Its a well done implementation for an Aim-Bot for the pool game. The hook.dll is needed to capture mouse-movements in real time. The gaming site direct link is

Anyone who can help can PM me for my email. Sorry to be a noob to most of you professionals :slight_smile: Also can offer a few $$$ for your time :stuck_out_tongue:

Download link to open source:



Welcome! Unfortunately, despite the name, this forum is not dedicated to, or filled with experts on, Delphi programming. Its primary topic is the FIRST Robotics Competition

While you may stumble across the odd person well-versed in Delphi here, chances are, you’d do better to find another forum.

Sorry to disappoint, best of luck!

While someone on this website may be able to help you, this is actually a website for a high school robotics competition. We’d love for you to check out our program and get involved!

Good luck!

First of all, we are mostly highschool students, not exactly professionals… and I can read that language, so what language is it programmed in using what API?

Unfortunately, there are very few Delphi language folks on here. Chief Delphi was founded by FIRST Robotics Competition team number 47, “Chief Delphi” to communicate with other teams in that competition. The primary languages spoken by the resident programmers are C++, Labview, C, and there might still be a few people who know PBASIC.

I have a list of forums here, found in one of the sticky threads at the top of this subforum (and in the pop-up message that you probably saw when you made the post):

Google’s Directory For Delphi
Delphi Starter’s Links Delphi Section
Delphi & Delphi .NET
Bunch of links to other sites
Where I got them all from

Sorry to post in the wrong section i’m just looking for a programmer who understands how to use Delphia to fix a minor problem with a open source program a friend of mine mate a while back. All it used to do is create a exe over the pool table and you had to make the Program fit around the table, Then it would locate all the balls and white and show you all the shots possible moving you’re mouse cursor around

You’re in the right section…

…of the wrong website.

As I said, there are very few people who even know Delphi on this website. The website was founded by a team competing in a robotics competition. The team happened to be sponsored by Delphi Automotive, which has very little to do with Delphi, the programming language.

You’d find better help in the links I put at the end of my last post.

The irony here is that when my mentor first told me to check out this site, I thought it was about Delphi programming, so I was like “LOL Why should I care about Delphi”

Ok thanks, Can a moderator close this please.