Dematic FIRST Scholarship 2023

I am excited to announce a 3rd year of Dematic Scholarships which have been upped to 12 total scholarships. In 2022 there were less than 100 applicants, so there is ample opportunity to win.

Awards are:
2 - $5,000
10 - $1,000

This is available to all students perusing undergraduate studies (including Trade Schools) in Fall of 2023 . The deadline is April 30th, 2020. I would suggest having all items ready before starting the application on the site.

Feel free to ask any questions about it on CD or my email, [email protected].
Here is video to help you understand Dematic and the Material Handling industry: Improve Intralogistics Performance with Dematic - YouTube


Just a ping to let you know that this scholarship is coming due! I had a mistype in the previous number. that is April 30th 2023!

Get your application in. There are few applicants and little time left.

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Just to confirm this scholarship is for any undergraduate student? Would it be better suited to submit my college transcript if applicable?

Either would be fine. Spend time in the essay as that is what will make you the money here!

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