Dematic FIRST Scholarship

Thank you for sharing this information!

Understandably, Dematic seems especially interested in students looking to join the supply chain and logistics industry. Will preference be given to applicants planning to pursue a career in those fields?


I know what I’ll be doing this weekend :slight_smile: Good luck to all other students that are planning on applying!

Edit: Now I think about it, maybe someone should start a thread and have mentors share if there company is offering scholarships (that aren’t already listed on the FIRST scholarships website). I bet some students would love to learn more about scholarships that they haven’t seen.


It is listed on the FIRST Website as well.

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I work with Matt at Dematic. We would love to have supply chain applicants but there is no preference for this scholarship. We need electrical, mechanical and software engineers as well.

Good luck!

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There is not a preference for people hoping to work in those industries although conveying familiarity or genuine excitement for the industry would probably be taken positively. It is also open to all Post secondary students (including trades etc.) with preference to STEM applicants.

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Just a quick ping! Scholarship is due November 30th. And currently has “good odds” for applicants.


What do we put down for “anticipated institution attending” if we haven’t received any letters of acceptance yet?

Undecided would work

If we’re unable to access our high school transcripts (my former district is backed up a month due to COVID), would university transcripts suffice?

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university transcripts would suffice.

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tried DM but didn’t hear back… When I applied it returned a “page not found” page. Is there a way to verify my application has gone through?

I’m curious to know when we will find out who won the scholarships?


By the end of the year!


Has anyone heard back about the Dematic scholarship? Is it still supposed to be announced by the end of last year? Are students notified regardless of if they received it or not? Thx


I applied and have not heard anything either way.

Also Applied, have not heard anything


The winners have been notified, the announcement has not been publically made yet. But safe to say, if you haven’t heard, you didn’t win unfortunately. Dematic was planning to send a thanks for applying email after announcing the winners.


If there are students who are looking for scholarships still, please check out and apply for the EWCP scholarship, posted on CD:


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