Demine Robotics - Humanitarian Landmine Removal Robots

Hey! This is my first year since 2012 (#tbt Logomotion) not being involved with FRC in some capacity, which breaks my heart, BUT - it’s for good reason (and temporary, of course)!

I joined a startup called Demine Robotics to lead the engineering team in building robots for landmine removal. We’re primarily working from Cambodia right now, but we’ve got an office back in Canada as well.

FIRST is what got me into engineering and lit a fire under my butt back in high school. As a result, I’m now working in a job that fits my dream: to use technology and business to raise the bar on quality of life and access to opportunity worldwide.

I’ve been planning to share about this to the larger FIRST world for a while, but hadn’t gotten around to it. We’re launching a kickstarter campaign now, so I’m in a ‘tell the world’ mood right now and figured this is a great opportunity to show current students what kinds of opportunities are out there.

SO - thanks a million to all of the mentors, volunteers, peers, competitors and parents who made enabled that pivotal portion of my journey.

If you’re interested to hear more about the company, our work, our tech (and the many design challenges that come with the problem space), or life in Cambodia I’m all ears! We’re also always looking for talented people passionate about making a difference to join our mission.

Check out our Kickstarter campaign here. It does a good job of explaining what we’re working on with a great mashup of pictures and graphics and text. Please share it if it resonates with you! Every share helps us gain support and helps raise awareness about the problem of landmines.


I (With the rest of the Waterloo Wellington FIRST family) were super inspired by everything that you guys are doing when we were next to you at True North last year. It’s great to see more FRC alum involved in such a great local company!

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I dig it…


We’re having a blast working on it :wink:


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