Demo Opportunity at Kennedy Space Center

There is a demonstration opportunity in Florida, May 21-26, at Kennedy Space Center, in conjunction with a college robotics competition sponsored by NASA.

FIRST Robotics Teams are invited to display and demonstrate your FIRST robot at NASA’s Lunabotics Mining Competition. Contact Susan at [redacted–visit the above link] for reservations. College recruiters will be participating in the Lunabotics College Recruitment Fair. You may even find new sponsors for your team from among the Lunabotics Career Fair partners.

High School Students
High school students are invited to visit the Lunabotics College Recruitment Fair.

I’ll be competing there, with the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Moonrockers. (Which is how I saw the announcement… I was checking their FAQs for an update. Hey, FRC GDC–take some tips from the Lunabotics rulebook!)

Exploding Bacon has attended and demoed at this event in past years. It is well worth the effort. Hope to see you there

Figured I’d bring this back up, with the event starting in a week, and add one question:

Who else is planning on going this year, and where would you be likely to be found?

  1. EricH–Competing (South Dakota School of Mines and Technology’s MoonRockers), possibly showing up at the College Admissions Fair.

I’ll be there with the Iowa State LunaCY team, we’ll see what happens

Team 1592 has been out there demoing for quite a while now and will be out again in full force. Usually it has been 1592, 1902, 801, and 1875 with there robots talking to kids, parents, college kids, NASA staff, anyone who visits the visitor center. It is also really cool to go through the college pits and see the pure ingenuity in those robots. I cant begin to describe how many teams I saw using mountain dew cans on their robots.

I think my teammates will be confused at me knowing seemingly random other people, it should be entertaining.

Same here. They’ll probably really be confused when I’m wearing my CD nametag (which I am planning to do).

Mountain Dew cans? Amateurs. Energy drink cans are where it’s at.:stuck_out_tongue: (Though the ones on my team’s robot will be very hard to spot.)