Democratizing Lab Science

My name is Nathan, and I was a founder of FRC Team 2733 “The Pigmice”. I now attend Oregon State University, where I am working with another FRC team member to start our own business.

When most people think about student science experiments, they think of a student holding a stopwatch, maybe a thermometer, and scribbling away data on a notepad. The problem is that so much effort is put into doing the experiment that there is no time left to learn the concepts. LabBook is changing all of that. LabBook provides students with a set of sensors, a Data Hub, and an application that runs on Mac, PC, Linux, and Chrome OS. Together, they take the data from sensor to spreadsheet, so students don’t have to. In a LabBook classroom, students learn more science without the struggle of notepads, stopwatches, messy sensors, or tedious data entry.

We are looking for feedback on people’s experience with taking data. If you could take 2 minutes to take our survey would would really appreciate it!