Denso Power Motors - Wiring Help Needed

Hello again from team 3469, the Spanish Inquisition in Mobile, Al!

With shipping on Monday we are coming down to the last, few critical hours. We need to connect a Denso Power Motor to a Spike relay but we are missing the connections that insert into the motors themselves. Using only materials that we could pick up locally, how could we make the connection?


2 ways:

  1. Dremel off the plastic connector shell and solder directly to the motor terminals.

  2. Find very small terminals that will fit in the connection.

A matching connector for the motor is not in the kit. What I have my students do is to buy a couple .110" female spade disconnects]( (you can find them at any auto parts store) and crimp them onto red and black 16 AWG wires that will be your new motor leads.

Slip a small piece of heat shrink tubing over each disconnect so that it covers the side but is flush with the end and heat with a heat gun or hair drier to make it snug. This will prevent short circuits.

Slide these disconnects onto the male pins on the motor. They should be very snug.

At this point I test the leads with a battery and insure that everything works because the next step is irreversible.

Now mix some 5 minute plastic epoxy and completely fill the cavity around the pins and disconnects. After it cures you have a set of motor leads that should hold up well for years to come.

Hope this helps.