Denso Window Motor gear profile?

The models in the KOP for the Denso Window Motor RH and the Large Flange which should mate to the gear of the motor seem to have different profiles.

Does Anyone know which is accurate?

I need to project the geometry of the gear profile onto another part for cutting. I Started with the large flange since I figured It had the tolerances to fit already applied.

Thanks in advance




If your window motor is like the one I have, they are completely different motors than the model of the one in the kit of parts and more like the one in the spec sheets on FIRST’s website, making the profile of the gear on the shaft much different. The motor I have only has 6 teeth on the gear.


It’s new this year. Plastic shaft 0.645" dia with six “square” teeth 0.156 wide and (0.780 - .645)/2 tall The toothed part is about .7" and the shaft center which I assume doesn’t rotate comes out to 1" from the plate. Three mounting holes 2.329 approx on the small leg of the triangle and 4.047 approx on the long leg shaft center is 2" from the top of the long leg and 2.22 from each of the ends of the smaller leg. The 5/8" window motor shaft mount fits right on the new drive and the whole assembly is lighter. I haven’t checked free speed or the new mass yet. BTW check all first inventor parts that you plan to take to get mill work done on as I didn’t last year with it’s new window motor, I had to do a lot of hand work to get the proper fit on the coupling we had machined. Wiring it is going to be fun also as it looks to be a water proof mating item. With the pins deep in a plastic receptacle.