Denso window motor, getting spares

Denso referred me to Hi-Lex, which doesn’t really seem to be in quiet that same business.
Any ideas on the make & model of car that these are used in?
Denso’s US HQ did own up to the Part Number but only after I sent a close up picture:
P/N 262100-3030

Charlie Affel, Team 423

You can get them through the FIRST Store at IFI, they are about half way down. There 3030 is Right handed and the 3040 is left handed.

Good Luck!

Hi-Lex is to Denso what Delphi is to Taigene (or Globe, or Bosch, or).

Hi-Lex makes power products for the OEM car manufacturers. They do not make their own motors. They buy them from a motor manufacturer. In this case on this product, Hi-Lex must be using a Denso motor on some window lift or sunroof or whatever product.

I don’t recommend trying to get the motors from Hi-Lex any more than I recommend that teams contact Delphi. Teir One OEM suppliers are just not set up to supply onesies and twosies to FIRST teams.

I wish there was a better answer, but I think that your best bet is to buy them from IFI or to barter for them from other teams.

Joe J.

Thanks to both of you.
Hi-Lex seems to add some interesting attachments for this motor (or at least some of their products), that is to say, an innovative way to achieve linear motion using cables.


Yeah, one of Hi-Lex’s claims to fame is a spiral wound push/pull cable that is very useful in sunroof application.

It would be great to get some of that stuff in a future FIRST kit. I have knocked on a couple doors there, but nobody has let me in yet. I was close to getting a similar product from a competitor sunroof mfg (Inalfa), but struck out in the end there too.

If anyone within the sound of my voice has contacts or leads at Hi-Lex or Inalfa or anywhere, feel free to ship me a PM with the data – I’ll try for another shot sometime this summer. OR you could invite them to a local regional and pitch the idea of kit donations yourself.

Much of the cooler stuff in the kit started from a single cold call contact: CIM motors, Globe motor/gearboxes, Allegro sensors, The Gyros, Bosch motors, Mabuchi motors, Fisher Price motor/gearboxes, etc.

Think about it.

Joe J.