Denso window motor mounting hole location

Does anyone have a definitive measurement location for the window motor hole location. It seems that the single bottom hole is 1.825" off the center of the drive spline. The other 2 seem to be 1.825" above the center of the drive spline and 1.125" off the center line and not on a hole circle. It seems an odd araingement and twice now we have had to move holes with a grinder. Not unusual for us but I don’t know if it’s the holes or the hole placers. Are these metric? Is one of these holes off a bit? It’s getting frustrating making plates and not having the holes in the right place.

The name Denso implies to me that it’s metric. The application (a late model car) also implies that it’s metric.

Congrats on having holes made on the robot in some way other than just holding the motor in place and running a drill through it’s mounting holes!

Here is a PDF file of the bracket we used. It probably isn’t perfect, but it should do the trick. Print out the PDF file and use rubber cement to glue it where you want to mount the window washer motor. Then drill the holes out of the paper. You might have to increase the hole size by a tidge to get everything to fit. We have 3 of these brackets on our robot and they seam to work pretty well.

Hope this helps.


washer bracket.pdf (26.4 KB)

washer bracket.pdf (26.4 KB)

Thank you for the drawing and I do like the idea of using it as a way to transfer the locations onto the plates. I think I can use this idea for making multiple plates. However I am still looking for measurements to the holes. It would seem from the drawing that the holes aren’t laid out in any sort of logical way. Strange, I’ve never seen anything quite like it.