Denver Regional Anyone?

Hey anyone know if they are going to the Denver, Colorado regional? Team 2410 is going.

1339 will be there, along with all the rest of the Denver Public high school teams (I think there are seven teams). Good luck! We are having a great time with the build and think it will be a fantastic competition this year!

Team 1245, Monarch High School Shazbots will be there most definitley! We look forward to another exciting competition with everyone!

Team 4 Element, from Southern California, will be attending for the first time! We are all VERY excited!

Rookie team 2996 will be there. Our first year, I cant wait!

We always wanted to attend for the last several years.
The scheduling of this event hasn’t allowed us to.
Snowboarding anyone??? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Team #2859 and #1552 will be attending.

1977 will be there.