Denver Teams at Houston May Need Help Today (and maybe all week)

Y’all may have seen on the news that a credible threat (a Columbine copycat) has shuttered all Denver area schools today. At least two teams from Denver, 4550 and 1410, may have some or nearly all of their personnel unable to fly to Houston today. 4550 particularly is likely to have only two team members present. We are looking for folks to help unload, set up, and perhaps be on call for other needs as the situation becomes more clear. Please respond here, or directly to me, if you have some team members available to assist. Thanks.


Pm sent

4499 is here and able to help out!

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Half of 1410 is at the airport right now and everything seems promising for us to get to Houston on time. If anything changes we’ll make sure to reach out and thank you to everyone for your concern. Hopefully our other team members will be able to make it to Houston smoothly.


Update: 1410 will be fine. The 4550 folks are split into two or three groups. Four of them are flying into Dallas and will soon be driving to Houston, expected to arrive around three or four o’clock. The larger group, with most of the rest of the team, will be flying in to Houston this evening. Looks like they will make it! They still need help setting up but that may be all. Thanks everyone for all your kind offers.


We owe a lot of gratitude to all the teams that helped us get 4550s robot inspected and running after all the trouble we had getting everybody to Houston after all the cancelled fights from Denver. There’s no better example of Gracious Professionalism than this…Chuck Brant, senior mentor 4550.


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