Dependency server down for cameraserver

As of yesterday, the gradle build on my machine has been stalling out at > 12 KB/415 KB downloaded
I have tried manually downloading the dependency but that also seems to fail (somewhere server-side). I will hold my opinions on gradle and remote dependencies to myself, and simply ask if there is an existing workaround.

If you’re having issues contacting/downloading from, use the offline installer, that’s why it exists. The offline installer makes sure all the dependencies are in the local maven cache so it’s possible to do everything completely offline. Note you’ll need to download the right version of the offline installer… since you’re looking for the 2019.2.1 dependencies you’ll need that version, or (recommended) update your project to 2019.3.2.

I can download

Are you behind a firewall?

I’ve dug through my network settings, reset the whole system and still no joy. I’ve also tried on multiple networks and on multiple devices and I get the same results. I’ll try to dig up some more verbose error messages from the connection and see what is up, though it seems the server doesn’t respond after the initial connection is made which is odd.

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the offline installer however, I must have missed that.

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