Deploy folder keeps files from previous deploys

Hello all,

We saw that inside the deploy folder, that all files pushed in any deploy (past or present) were still there. We haven’t been able to find much documentation on the deploy folder and we aren’t sure if this is a feature or a bug. Has any other team had this potential problem? Thanks!

Yes, it doesn’t clean the directory when you deploy. It only copies any files from the local folder to the one on the Rio, overwriting any that already exist.

I’ll be honest, I prefer this behaviour, it lets us easily put a file onto the Rio with robot specific configurations, so we can use the same code on slightly different robots.
Then we remove or change the file from VSCode when we deploy to another robot. When all the files are loaded we leave the file out of VSCode so the configuration files are left on the robots.

Yes there is probably a much better way to do this. The network tables preference system is probably that better way.

If you want resources that you are able to have more control over, you could use the resources directory (if you’re using java).

But I agree, more documentation on this would be nice even if the logic for the deploy directory is very simple.

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