Deploy not working


Struggling to get deploy to work… Not sure if this is the Python side, or if the problem is on the rio.

When I run deploy, the laptop tries to contact the 10.xx.yy.2 IP address. Which makes sense. But the Rio has an address of 169.254.15.<can’t remember>… so the deploy fails. I can’t even ping the 10.xx.yy.2 address.

If I’m attached by USB, the IP will be, so again the deploy fails, although in this case the address is pingable.

So, I guess I’m more curious about whether deploy via USB is possible, and if not, why the Rio (after a fresh reimaging) gets a 169 address vs 10.

Many thanks for any assistance.


You can delete the .deploy_cfg (or similar, can’t remember) file to remove the IP preference and put in a new one.

As you say the Rio IP address changes based on how you’re connecting. Over USB, it will be If you’re plugged into the robot radio over Ethernet, you can access it at If I recall correctly, the IP will be different again when connecting to the radio over WiFi.

Instead of deleting the configuration file every time, you can put in the roboRIO mDNS address, which is roborio-1289-frc.local. I’ve found this to be slightly more unreliable and slower on Linux, but on Windows it should work no matter how you’re connecting.


Thank you for your help.

I had found installer.cfg, but not deploy.cfg. That helped immensely.

I pulled out the big hammer - reinstalled the FRC update; then reinstalled the CTRE and robotpy code. At that point mDNS was working; although the name resolution was giving me an IPv6 address. But I could ping the rio.

I then updated the deploy.cfg file with the hostname, and was able to deploy.

Now I just have a PYTHONPATH issue to work thru. But that (if I can’t figure it out) is for another thread…

Again, thank you!