Deploying Code/Connection Problems

Hey everyone. There is actually 2 separate issues here.

We are having a few different problems when trying to deploy code to the roboRIO.

The first issue we are having, is that Eclipse will suddenly “forget” (for lack of a better term) how to deploy code. We have been using one laptop, and it worked one day. Right click on the project > Run as > WPILib C++ Deploy.

That worked great, once or twice. Then we would change a few things, build the program, and attempt to download the code again. However, this time, the option for WPILib C++ Deploy is gone. The only option is “Run Configurations…”. On another computer, it went from saying WPILib C++ Deploy, to WPILib Java Deploy. We can’t figure out how to bring them back, without uninstalling and reinstalling Eclipse.

A separate issue we have, is connecting to the roboRIO:
At one point, about 5 days ago, I was able to connect to the roboRIO over USB, image it, and deploy code. We could then open the Driver Station, and test the code, it worked perfectly. We configured the wireless router, was able to connect wirelessly, and it still worked.

Then today, we tried to connect to it, to configure the CAN. I connected over USB, went to and everything worked perfectly. Then I was able to successfully build and compile the code for CANTalons. But when I tried to deploy it, (still over USB), nothing happened, Eclipse wouldn’t progress past this message:

Buildfile: C:\Users\MatthewBrown\workspace2\CAN Talon SRX\build.xml
Trying to override old definition of task classloader
     [echo] Trying Target: roboRIO-1771.local

We tried a different computer, one that has previously been able to deploy code over USB, and received an error message, saying it couldn’t find any valid roboRIO targets, over USB or Wirelessly. (I don’t know the exact error message, but it was very similar to that).
However, I know the computer can see the roboRIO, because it found it on the imaging tool! The team number is correctly set in Eclipse.

So we tried connecting to it wirelessly, and deploy code, and had the same error message.

It’s very frustrating, especially because we were able to previously deploy code.

If anyone has any idea, that’d be great. Thanks!

When doing it wirelessly are you able to access the roboRIO by typing
roboRIO-1771.local\ into your browsers address bar

That is something I will have to check in the morning.

As far as i know thats an easy test to see if its working also when checking it wirelessly you can ping 10.xx.xx.22-99 where xx.xx is your team number and 22-99 is just a random number

There’s a bug in something in Eclipse that we haven’t been able to track down that happens most often when switching between a Java project and a C++ project. Two suggestions: first, make sure that you have the C++ perspective enabled (top right corner of the eclipse window), and second, restarting eclipse usually makes it remember again that the project is a C++ project and you’ll see those options come back.

Thanks. When we encountered that error yesterday, the student hadn’t switched to a Java project, it just disappeared. But he reinstalled Eclipse over night, and it seems to be working now.

Everything is working correctly now, I can download code wirelessly or over USB. The only thing I did was reinstall all the FRC Utilities (Driver Station, imaging tool, etc.) and now I am able to connect with no issues.