Deploying Code from 2nd Laptop

Hello all,
I am the head programer for our team and was looking for a faster way to deploy code (JAVA +netbeans) onto our robot. Atm I do all the coding on my macbook pro (win7 also on it) then transferring the files over to the classmate via flash-drive and deploying from netbeans on the classmate, since it is hooked up to the robot via wifi.

Now my question is there away to hook the robot via ethernet to my mbp, and delopy code from netbeans WHILE keeping the wifi on and connected to an network so I get internet for svn etc.

I prefer to code on my laptop since of speed and usability but don’t want to waste time with loading netbeans on the classmate, which would be JUST for running the driver software connected to robot wifi.

In addition was also possibly looking at FTP as away to deploy.

Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated.

Yeah, this should be easy.

I’m not sure exactly what you are requesting though, or what you have problems with. Code can be deployed from any computer with the Netbeans FRC plugin. You just have to get the computer on the same network as the robot. Connect them somehow (wired or wirelessly to the robot radio), and set the computer’s IP to 10.XX.YY.x, where XX.YY is your team number.

I’m not sure what items you want on wifi, what you want wired, but I am glad to help.

So your classmate is connected to the robot over wifi, and your laptop connected to another wifi network for internet?

You could try connecting the programming laptop to the classmate over ethernet.

On the classmate (running windows 7):

Log into the developer account
Click on the network indicator (lower right side of the screen)
Click "Open Network and Sharing Center"
Click "Change Adapter Settings" in the left hand panel
Highlight both ethernet (May be called "Local Area Connection") and Wifi adapter
Right click - then click bridge connections

On your laptop (Windows 7 instructions, should be similar on MAC):

Log into Your account
Click on the network indicator (lower right side of the screen)
Click "Open Network and Sharing Center"
Click "Change Adapter Settings" in the left hand panel
Right click on your Ethernet adapter (Local Area Connection)
Click properties
Click "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)"
Click "Properties"
Click "Use the following IP address:"
Leave the other fields blank
Click OK

Now connect the 2 via ethernet.

If You followed the steps correctly, and assuming I wrote the steps correctly, your laptop should be able to program the robot and still be able to use the internet.

As stated before, you can connect either wirelessly or with a wire, but either way, you just need to set the static ip address on the connection you are using to 10.xx.yy.12. If you are using wifi, you would need to be on the same network as your robot.

In your case, you could connect an ethernet cable from your computer to the DAP-1522 on the robot. After setting the static ip address as 10.xx.yy.12, you should be able to download code to robot. At the same time you should be able to use your wifi connection to connect to whatever wifi network you choose, but be sure to use DCHP to set your ip (in widows this is tagged as "choose network ip address automatically) and not a static ip address.

You should be able to download code to the robot and access the internet as normal in this configuration.