Deploying code probleme

Hi we just created our new mecanum wheel programme and when we deploy it it does work all the ip and electric connection are right. The error that appears is that some vi are missing while the deployment sequence but all are vi are there.
Also we have a start-up programme in our crio. Is this the cause of error. Please help.

You just haven’t posted enough info to help you yet. Firstly,

  1. Have you run other programs (non-mecanum) successfully?
  2. What programming language are you using?
  3. Can you post the error messages?

After these answers, then we can start narrowing things down.

This sometimes happens when you have VIs like autonomous which are in a broken state. RobotMain doesn’t directly call it, so RobotMain isn’t broken, but during the build or debug/deploy, it is discovered.

Greg McKaskle

I’m just guessing here, but this may cause your error or something like it. Is your copy of LabView registered?

Also, as the previous poster said, is your ‘run’ arrow white, or is it broken (which means there’s a problem with one of the vi’s)

One more question: Are you able to download a fresh copy of the default code? This won’t make your mechanum run, but it will test your ability to download code.

  1. Yes we do run other programme successfully (we just tried the one in the start-up)
  2. Labview
  3. When deploying there a message that appears that say some vi are in conflits and need the be not run for the code to execute.

If that’s the message I think it is, then it’s not an error. It’s just letting you know that there’s already a program running on the robot, and if you continue to deploy the new program you’ll replace the old program. Since that’s exactly what you want to do, just tell it to continue.

Yes that what we did but the programme that we overwrite does work so how to delete or take out the programme that is already running(that programme is in start-up mode) Thank for the help

Can you give us the EXACT error or a screenshot?

Do you BUILD the program, then select RUN AS STARTUP to load the code to the cRIO?

A program that is set to run at start-up is separate from code deployed by clicking on the “run” button. The built code is loaded from Flash memory on every boot and executed immediately after booting completes. When you click the “run” arrow, it terminates and overwrites any code currently executing, with your new code. So any time you have code that you don’t like, you can simply overwrite it with new and hopefully improved code. It doesn’t however, do anything with your “start-up” program on the on board Flash. You can overwrite that code on the Flash memory by setting any new code to “run as start-up”.

There is usually not much need to actually delete, without overwriting, the start-up code. You can disable it from running by using the dip switches on the older cRIO, or the configuration utility for the newer cRIO II. I would only use that option if mis-written is causing problems with the cRIO. Generally overwriting the start-up program is the best solution, even if that is only using the default code. (Or your last backup known to work.)

Every thing is now working. We need to open the dashboard then it will run the startup programme, then we run the new programme and then it work. Before when we deploy a new programme theres no dashboard that appears. But there the fact that we manualy need to open a dashboard and the startup programme deploys everytime we open it. We also check the crio imaging tool we had console out check, is that normal?

Your terminology seems a bit confused. To help me understand what you are describing, can you tell me what the “dashboard” you’re talking about looks like? What exactly do you mean by “the startup programme deploys”?