Deploying Labview and Deploying JAVA on same RoboRio

One of my students is really good at JAVA this year and he would like to recode our robot in JAVA from Labview this year and I wondered if this thread is still the case for 2022? He found this thread back in 2020.

Is there any issues depolying one source verses the other source back to back? Does it gunk anything up in the RIO? I would hate for left over JAVA deployment mess up the competition robot that runs Labview at the moment or vesa versa. Anyone had any issues with this in the past? Switch between JAVA and LabView on the same Roborio image?

Hi Chris,

As far as I know it still works the same way. They deploying tool also make sure the correct startup environment is set.

I didnt have any problems switching other than power cycling.

I did this for a bit in 2018- “production” code was in labview and prototype ported code was in java. Redeploying the project worked fine to switch back for both languages

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