Deployment issues

Hi guys, when i try to build the program into my crio i click run as start up first and when it finishes it says completed with errors so i looked to see what was the problem it says that the FRC Deployment (failed to deploy) what could be causing this? and how can i fix? Also If we don’t have the gaming adapter (black box) and we plug the labtop into the crio and then unplug the lab top connector and replug it into the blue box into ethernet 1 would this work to run the robot? ( I’m asking this because we left the gaming adapter on the robot when we shipped it out and we forgot to take it off.)

~ Team 569

A few points here - Open Robot and look for a play button near the upper-left corner. If it is broken, you have a code error that would explain everything.

The gaming adapter makes no difference in code downloading. It’s kinda hard to understand what you mean with your networking connections, but you should be able to connect the laptop directly to the cRio with a crossover cable and download. If you want to run the robot, you could go through the router. It makes no difference. The job of the networking, router, and gaming adapter is to route the data from the laptop to the cRio, so as long as the laptop can connect to the cRio it will work. If you have problems, then remove the wireless link and use a crossover cable.

I was just about to post a BREAKTHROUGH thread about a magic trick I learned today because I was getting your exact same problem today at the Arizona Regionals.

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OK, here’s the magic trick that NI’s rep gave me today … *

  1. on the cRIO, set the **No App **dipswitch to TRUE (this prevents user code from running when the cRIO boots, regardless of the SW settings)

  2. reset the cRIO and feel free to deploy/run/build/set-as-startup, whatever … As long as that dip-switch is set, it’ll never run the startup apps when it boots, and the deployents (or just hitting RUN in the RobotMain.VI) works every time.

  3. when you are done debugging and/or troubleshooting and want to try it out in a “realistic” fashion, do a final build and Set as Startup.

  4. when the upload to the cRIO is complete, there’s a window to close and then it asks you to reboot the cRIO. Before you click the Reboot button, UNSET that dip-switch

He said that they are looking into why this is occurring, but apparently they’ve got a pretty good workaround until we get a patch.

After I learned this trick, I never saw those errors again, and we were slinging code onto our 'bot all day today (Practice day at the AZ regionals)

Hope this helps.*