I am seeing lots of fast mini bots and videos to prove it. Now can you deploy it?

Same question I’ve been asking. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of minibot trading this year, trading fastminibots so you can get them on consistent deployers.

I messed up this should have been a poll thread. i have to go is someone wants to make this a poll thread go for it.

this is my big question as well. I will be watching intently to see how many teams (%) show consistency in accurate and quick deployments… I have seen some evidence of some very accurate ones but they have been few and far between

We’ve designed ours to be universal with a minor modification (2 PVC tubes), and it’s pretty accurate and consistent. Problem is, we have a 5 second minibot.

Well, in testing our latest deployment mechanism it has not failed. Deploys in less than a half second with a sub 3 second mini.
I posted an early video on another thread where the deploy took about a second but it is way faster now with a nearly fool proof allignment device. Just back up to the tower base and you are there. Oh, almost forgot. When it is time to go to the tower we flip a switch and the back of the bot becomes the front so we realy are not backing up to the pole but going forward.
See ya a the CELL.

good ? raiders…Well see tomorrow who can backup these amazing super duper mini’s with an equally impressive deployment. We have had about 10 amazing minibot designs, none viable to deploy. We currently have a 3.5sec mini and a simple deploy (think shop door missing heavy duty hinge)… but as we’ve read from a previous thread regarding last years hanging - ‘oh yeah we hang all the time…except at regionals when it counts’

get some rest boys, see ya’ll in Trenton.

Here is what 1208 has so far:

Very nice rail system!
It looks a lot like the one we are assembling right now. It is made from a set of rack mount server rails. It can extend 30 inches, but we will only need about 26.