Apparently there’s a new ai cam from Luxonis for $300

I’m curious on peoples thoughts on it and the company

Also, just noticed before posting this that they have a rasp pi edition too

I think this is the same as the Kickstarter described here: Better than LimeLight?: OpenCV Spatial AI OAK-D - Technical Discussion - Chief Delphi

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I have one of the depth cameras from the Kickstarter. At the $150 I paid it’s certainly interesting. I had it tracking and giving me vectors to objects fairly easily.

At $300 I’m not sure it’s quite as viable for frc. My big disappointment was the apparent lack of an imu for doing pose estimation. With that it would largely be a one stop solution to autonomous mode.

Waiting for the Oak-D POE version from the Kickstarter.
Looking forward to trying it out.

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