Describe Your Robot Design

Describe Your Robot Design

I would like to hear in general terms what kind of Robot everyone has zeroed in on. What capabilities are you shooting for?

Delete the items in the list below that don’t apply to your robot and add items that do and post the result…

  • Herding ?
  • Mechanism to dislodge Tack-Ball at the start of the match ?
  • Hybrid mode program without Robo-Coach remote control ?
  • Hybrid mode program with Robo-Coach remote control using the IR circuit supplied by FIRST
  • Hybrid mode program with Robo-Coach remote control using a different system ?
  • Hurdling with a Track-Ball lifting mechanism ?
  • Hurdling with a Track-Ball catapult ?
  • Mechanism to place Track-Ball on overpass at match end ?
  • Six wheel tank drive / steering ?
  • Four wheel tank drive / steering ?
  • Center wheel drive with omni wheels at the corners ?
  • Other steering / drive

I’d like to see this pole with about 500 respondants. It’s hard to tell what teams are doing with the 9 so far.

Herding as a last-ditch effort. 2-wheel drive with front casters, hybrid with IR Robocoach, grip mechanism with elevator to move the ball, can hurdle and place.

Lane position & obstruction sensing for hybrid, gyro for steering stability and hybrid, wheel encoders for hybrid. At least theoretically, they’re not actually installed yet, and if the production bot handles as well as the prototype, we might not need the encoders.


omni front wheels, duallies rear wheel drive.
hybrid IR robocoach,
gripper / elevator combo for hurdling
wheel encoders for hybrid

if we are lucky the grippers can come out and look like the horns on the school mascot the “Longhorns”

We will see.

A 2005 champion’s arm sitting on the West Coast Drive (powered by Super Shifters) with something special on the end.

Adjusted six-wheel tank drive, elevator lift, forklift and ‘snapdown’ arm, pneumatic ball puncher. Gyro for driving straight and gear shifter. Still working on the design, but we did get parts today.

-4 2" IFI Traction Wheels (front and middle) then 2 ball casters in the back
-We have 2 or 3 Hybrid modes written out and tested
-We can knock the trackball off
-We can herd
-We have a lift, but not sure if a arm is going on it or not. All that might be on there is are trackball knocker-offer.

We decided to try to figure out mechanum wheels. So far, we’re doing okay with that.

We have a forklift-like arm design for hurdling the ball and placing it back on the rack at the end of the match. We’re also going to try to get the ball down in the hybrid period.

so far:

Knocking off overpass
Working on Hybrid with IR Board and Robocoach remote
Hurdling prototype
4 wheel drive: Powered rear IFI 6" traction wheels, front car type steering

still less than 100 =

but it looks like maybe ~25% are launchers

1923 can knock the trackball down in hybrid, and herds the ball. Pretty quickly, I might add.

Look for The Knight Rider at the NJ regional!

We use an elevator to get the ball over the overpass(video online). And we are going to attempt to use myself (the robocaoch) to get the ball off in the beginning. We can put the ball back up at the end of the match

One of our main strategies is not on the list.
Race around the track very fast and score lots of points.

we have a six wheel drive w/ super shifters, a part to dislodge the trackball at any point in the game and a herding part.

Team 1501’s Phoenix can:

  1. Remove both balls during hybrid period. We went all autonomous. We can do this at full speed.
  2. Hurdle the trackball with our catapult :ahh:
  3. Two center drive wheels with Mini Omni Wheels at corners.
  4. If we have to we can place ball on overpass

Team 573:

  • Capable of herding but only as a last messure

  • Using an advanaced program (that we are chosing to keep secret) for hybrid mode, will integrate the RoboCoach with a FIRST supplied IR board.

  • Forklift style of arm capable of reaching up to 90" and able to hurdle and place the track balls

  • Using a slightly differentiated style of the six wheel drive with omni wheels at the corners and are capable of going 19ft/s.

  • Ready to Compete!

  1. 2 speed, 6wd w/custom 4" (me thinks) wheels with IFI wedgetop traction. 16ft/s in high gear.
  2. Elevator system powered by 2 banebots motors with pneumatically powered kicker inside the claws for hurdleing.
  3. Pneumatically powered spherical claws for grabbing track ball
  4. No hybrid due to frying the IR board the first time it was powered on, turns out the wires came backwards and we just matched up the colors =/ and then ordering complications (we still don’t have it) but our twin has their IR board =D. Maybe we will have it ready by competition.

The first and only “real” test 3 days before shipping: