Deserializer for PSX Controller

Hi -

We are looking for a way to connect a PSX or PS2 controller (although we’ve heard PSX is the only viable option), to the OI to control system. What we have found is that we must have a deserializer in order to change from the PSX connector to the DB15 needed to connect to the OI.

If anyone has any information regarding how to make a deserializer, please post soon, we are running out of time. Also, if anyone knows how to likewise convert a USB joystick to DB15 please post about that as well.

Thank you for all your time and your help with this!

Team 1038

search before you post, that was your old thread, keep it in there please

Our apologies for the re-post, it was a miscommunication on our part due to the person who posted the first thread not telling the rest of us. Hopefully wont happen again. Thanks again for all your help.

Team 1038