Design a Racecar for use on the Moon!

I read about this today and figured some people here might be interested. Intuitive Machines in Houston has a contract to land a payload on the moon next year, and part of the planned payload is two small race cars to hold the first ever off-planet race. As part of the deal, they’re looking to have the cars designed by high school students. There’s also a $1000 prize to the charity of your choice for winning (but that’s nothing compared to the cool factor of a moon race car.)


Contest Details

Lunar Rover Specs

So, if any of you kids are bummed that you didn’t get to play Lunacy 11 years ago, here’s your chance for some low-traction driving.

Note: It looks like students submit designs, and then some aerospace engineers take a second pass at them and make them space-worthy, but it’s a little hard to tell the specifics. Maybe it’s just vaporware, but it’s definitely something to do during quarantine.


You’re gonna need a lot of downforce.

Also, this is obligatory:


Scoop up moon rocks into a hopper as you’re moving to increase your downforce (and increase your mass to negate the downforce gains).

Actually, just like in Lunacy, good traction control is pretty much mandatory.


Is it though? NASA landed this thing: Lunar Roving Vehicle - Wikipedia

I mean, yes, it had 4 wheel drive but not sure it had much in the way of traction control and them Lunar Boys had fun with it:

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Well, sure they had fun with it, but if they sent up a faster one with good TCS it’d lose the race. The stated mission objective is “gotta go fast”.

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I instinctively went to turn the sound up for redneck cameraman commentary, then remembered it doesn’t work like that on the moon.

That’s why I gave you the theme song too.

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It can output a maximum current of 8 amps

weigh no more than 5 kgs

rip my plan of having a pair of rockets for downforce

dont think the race is 30 nanoseconds long
maybe for a speed boost

Caption should be X Æ A-12, age 4


“That’s no moon (racecar name), That’s a product code!”

Don’t insult a newborn!

I’m not insulting the newborn. California won’t let me insult anyone by that name.

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