Design, Engineering Education Positions at Independent Hawaii School


Punahou School, an independent K-12 Hawaii institution, is seeking qualified applicants for multiple STEM positions. Feel free to contact me if you have questions. Aaron

  1. Fabrication Shop Manager/Technician - High School Workshop machines include Omax water jet, Haas CNC, 4 axis wood CNC, uPrint 3D printers, plus traditional metal and wood shop equipment.

  2. Faculty, Woodshop, Design Thinking, Middle School

  3. **Faculty, Engineering, Design Thinking, High School **

  4. Fabrication Shop Teaching Assistant - High School


It’s these kinds of posts that make me wish I had already finished college. This program looks amazing!


Too bad I’m just a physics teacher.


I was thinking the same thing!


Don’t let that limit you. “Just” a physics teacher at our school led the initiative to start a design and engineering class series, sought and acquired funding for a complete “maker-space,” and is currently ramping up the nontraditional STEM education with a big focus on Engineering.

Labels and limits should help define, not constrain.