Design Process?

Hi everyone. I am one of a dozen on our design team and I’d love to present my ideas to the others with Solidworks. The CAD team has asked those not on the CAD team to restrict our contributions to drawings. I believe they are concerned some of us may sway others too much if we present our ideas too well. I would simply like to communicate better.

Does anyone think it is reasonable to restrict CADing to only those on the CAD team? I really don’t want to upset the process. All I want is to be helpful.

That one depends too much on team dynamics for any of us to answer, I think.

Personally, if someone not on the CAD team knew how to use the team’s favorite CAD package, they’d be added to the CAD team on the spot at least on a temporary basis.

(Also: CAD and design as fully separate teams, uh… I’m really not sure how that’s going to work. But, that’s your team’s setup, so I’m sure it does work.)

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i think its a little silly to restrict those not on cad team from cadding. all it can do is help you learn more.
theres no true way to know their intentions but if you truly believe they dont want anyone elses ideas to be taken over theirs you should discuss this with a head mentor.

CAD is a design tool. It’s not a separate thing.

Interesting situation. I hope you get it worked out.

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On our team, so that all ideas are presented equally, we give three days to prototype with anything we have in inventory (not much) plywood, 2x4s, and screws. This is our first year doing this but we hope it will give every idea a proof of concept and that we will all make the most informed decision for our MAJOR MECHANISMS.

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