Design Pro's and Con's

Team 1510 still has yet to put a design together but we do have a bunch of things put together. We picked our robot was going to hurdle amd came up with basics on how it was going to do that, so here are some of the one’s I like I want to know are there any other Pro’s and Con’s with any of these idea’s that you see.

Scissor Lift
-top incline
-simple concept

-high CG
-complex design
-heavy (depends on materials)

(cata)Launching mechanisms

-can be small
-low Center of gravity
-a fraction of the weight (inclined plane)
simpler solution (mechanical)

-potential game play

telescoping lift

-adjustable heights
-fast up/down
-save power
-possible other teams penalties

-high center of gravity
-potential for damage

so please if there are any other pro’s and con’s do tell, or if you have any ideas that we could use feel free to shair

can anyone post up example of these things cause i am sort of confused on these type of strategies… if you want to call hem that.what ways are you guys doing?:]

We want to hurdle and these are desige ideas on how to hurdle that ball

How does this work?
For the most part, you are just listing properties of the lifts mechanisms. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is your overall strategy that should determine which you should use. That being said, scissor lifts tend to be very flimsy…