Designing for chain and sprockets

This year, our team has been able to use our router to create our intake, which was the only part fully designed in CAD. It gave us a taste of what we can do and I’d like some pointers. I’ve seen a few robots that use a nice and tight chain and sprocket drive and I’d like to know how to design something in CAD like that. We have had issues with chain in the past and this year. Does anyone have a suggestion on how I go about learning how to make a reliable chain and sprocket system? Or similar systems on our robot.

You can do it the same way as you would with a belt (with center to center which can be calculated with pitch or with a calculator like the one wcp has for Chain) but chains tend to strech so you usually want to be able to tension it.

Thanks! I figured there would be something like that.

You can put in your sprockets and desired center to center and get how many chains you want.

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