"Desktop" cRIO

I was thinking about the crio the other day, and I had a radical idea: you could make a fully functioning “Desktop” on the cRIO.

for a screen, you can use the DS, and print out stuff, use a custom Dashboard, or using the imaqSetPixel function in C++, draw graphics to an Image,and feed them to a modified PCVideoServer, and view it on LabVIEW’s Dashboard.
For a Mouse, you could use a joystick to move X and Y, two potentiometers, a Dashboard with a socket connection to the cRIO, or, use a HID mouse.
For a Keybard (best part!) CORRECLY Wire up a keyboard to the 8 digital inputs, and use a C++ union bitfield to convert it to a char, or be boring and use a custom dashboard.

I would love to see someone do this, just a simple text editor would be cool :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: If we have time after our break ends, we might try some of this (at least the keyboard!)

Just modify the webserverI released. Would be a lot easier, then you could use/create any javascript applications you wanted, with no nasty dashboard hacks. :slight_smile:

WOW… Just for the record… You may NOT date my daughter…


Could this be turned into an Iphone app?

yes, you would just have to make a nice dashboard, and allow it to communicate with the right port. I would want to see this :slight_smile:


I agree that it would be cool to make a RIO function as a desktop, but unfortunately its not designed to be a desktop computer so you may run into issues during implementation (especially at the OS stage). The lack of secondary storage will make multiprogramming very difficult (unless you plan to run only a couple programs at a time)

but hey, i say go at it if your team will let you have at their RIO


If they can do it on a little AVR you should be able to on cRio.

Drive a VGA Monitor Directly

or Check this out