Desperately need a new Roborio

My team no longer has a functional Roborio due to it shorting during competition from metal flakes that entered its ports. We are in desperate need for any functional Roborio that could be donated or purchased. We are willing to negotiate a price near its market value.

If you know anyone that is able to help, that will be so greatly appreciated, thank you for any and all help.

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AndyMark links to this on the roboRIO product page:

If you need any assistance with your roboRIO, or have RMA needs, please contact NI through the FIRST Support Forums

I’d start there to see if you can get yours repaired. :slight_smile:

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Just to add onto this, ive heard very positive things regarding NI, their responsiveness and just how helpful theyve been to teams in similar situations. Would highly recommend reaching out to them

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In the past, NI’s support via the phone was rock solid. Lately, their forum support has been less then stellar compared to before. I’ve heard of teams posts not getting answered, no longer getting replys to posts, and just hard to reach them. It’s been a hot minute, so maybe these issues have been resolved.

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Adding to the chorus…It was a few years back, but we did something similar to our Roborio. We contacted NI through their phone support and they were great about helping us get ours repaired. I was highly impressed with their level of customer service.

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Have you disassembled it and cleaned it out? in all the years of RoboRios, I’ve never had one permanently fail due to a short. You may have some luck giving it a thorough cleaning.


Definitely this. There was a team at one of the competitions I was CSA’ing at that died mid match. We took the RIO out and it had tons of metal in it. Cleaned it out and it worked just like new.

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A few years back we had a fault show up. I did just this, and after about an hour of cleaning, I spotted a small strand of wire that had embedded into the conformal coating. We still are using that RoboRIO after cleaning, and I have generally made it an annual thing to check inside for any metal shavings.

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The Rio is not hard to take apart/reassemble, just go slow and be gentle with everything.

The conformal coating helps a lot but doesn’t help when you get out to the I/O pins. So, in addition to cleaning off the visible areas, be sure to check under/around the DIO/PWM/other pins by very gently working the black plastic around their base up a bit. We have a Rio that had an unplanned-for encounter with aluminum chips and when simple cleaning of the board didn’t bring it back, we went back & discovered a tiny sliver under that black plastic. Removed that and all was well.


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