Destination Deep Space images

Posted here for those of you who don’t get the e-mail. Also, since the e-mail went out, FIRST has added a white-on-[background] single color version of the logo that should look great on black or midnight blue.

The “Logo use” page has both “sponsored by” and “presented by” Boeing, with no guidelines.

Which is it?

Looking at this document, I think it is pretty clear this is not to be used separately, but as part of the main logo:

The DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE logo features our presenting sponsor’s logo (Boeing). Please DO NOT crop or remove the Boeing logo. Please respect a safety zone around the logo to protect it.

By following the last guideline on the main logo (A built in “safety zone” of white space is surrounding the logo. Please do not crop out the white safety zone. Use the file as provided.), this should cover the Boeing spacing requirements.