Destination: Deep Space Lite Game Guide

As I’m sure many of you also have experienced, my mom isn’t very well versed in how D:DS is played, even after attending Alpena 1. I created this guide to help her and others who are interested in FRC but have no idea how it works.

I will have printed copies for those attending the Traverse City District Event in my team’s (4983) pit. Feel free to print and distribute at your events, I’d just like to know so I can see how far it gets.

If you see problems, please comment them below so I can fix it.

Scoring.pdf (1.3 MB)


I think a much more effective way to show somebody how frc competitions work and how Deep Space are played would be through using the game animation and a document on how frc competitions work. I don’t think a document will ever be as effective as a video is because how an frc game works is much more visual so I think a video is much more effective. However I do think there should be a simplified document on how a competition works (preferably 3 for regionals, districts, and champs) because you don’t really need to visualize something like that.

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