Destination Deep Space Round Table - 9pm EST

Robot in 3 days is going strong but we’re going to break at 9pm eastern to bring in teams from all over the world for a round table discussion on Destination: Deep Space.

Representatives from 125, 225, 1241, 1678, 2590, and 4481 will join in on the conversation.

After the show stick around for Ri3D recap at 10pm eastern!

Watch, chat, and win giveaways at

Giveaways if you watch live from Word Play All day and FRC1720.


Starting the Round Table show in a few minutes! Come join us and win giveaways!

We had an awesome turnout last night! Despite technical difficulties we hope everyone had a great time talking about Destination: Deep Space

YouTube archive:

Join us tonight (Sunday) for Ri3D Recap where we will be giving away a Cooler Master MS120 Keyboard/Mouse set.