Destination: Deep Space: Rules One-page Cheatsheet

I make this each year as an aid to myself as I study the rules. I posted mine here last year and several people seemed to appreciate it, so I figured I might as well post the one I made for this year as well.

It’s mainly focused on a refereeing perspective, so most of it is the list of infractions and penalties as well as the details of scoring. But maybe other people would find it interesting as well.

It uses a pretty small font in places in order to fit everything on one page, so if your eyesight isn’t perfect this may not be for you. (Sorry, I just find it really useful to put everything on one page.)

Feel free to adapt it and make it your own. (Actually, I recommend that people make their own cheatsheets in general.) I hereby dedicate this document to the public domain. (Well, the parts of it that aren’t cut-and-pasted from the manual, I suppose.) I am posting the original which I made in LibreOffice Writer, and a PDF version.


Thanks @petercooperjr this is a staight forward birdseye view of the RULES which could be a deciding factor in games.

I suggest all teams review these rules carefully this year as the first order tiebreaker is foul points received and you don’t want to be on the wrong side of fouls. Game scoring is low so fouls are amplified even more this season.


Neat. I’ve added it to this list.

One quick thing - the filename correctly identifies the name of the game but the metadata still has the title of the document as “First Power Up Cheatsheet.” Inconsequential but for the next time you update.

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Heh. If that’s the biggest thing I screwed up I’m pretty happy. Thanks for letting me know.

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Just fixed the document title and a couple other minor things that were bugging me. I’ve edited it into the first post of the thread.

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Apparently there’s a time limit or something to when you can still edit posts, so I can’t put it in the top post of the thread, but here’s the update for Team Update 4:

There really haven’t been substantive updates to “the grid” in the Team Updates, but somebody messaged me to ask if it was up-to-date, and I put in some text in the scoring section since Team Update 13 explicitly added that opponent contact doesn’t negate scoring.

So, as of today’s Team Update 16: