Destination Deep Space (sponsored by Boeing) costuming


Perhaps it’s because I went to Rock City first this year rather than Bayou, but it seems to me that there’s less game/theme specific costuming than in recent years. Please post pics to prove that I’ve just been in the wrong place to see it. OBTW, here’s my DDS costume, shamelessly built on Babylon 5’s “rebel” uniform:

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Maybe because wearing a flight suit and helmet might be too hot? There were a couple of kids that wore space suits from one team, and others dressed in their usual tutus and what-not. One kid in our crew painted stars and what not on her face, and we gave out “space” flowers at our pit.

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there was a team at NYTR whos drive team wore space helmets. I didnt get a picture, though

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I just keep wearing my Stronghold chainmaille vest. Kinda matched the theme for 17 and 18, but certainly doesn’t match this year. Not that I care, I put 2 weeks of near sleeplessness into the thing so I’m going to wear it.


Ours wore NASA flight suit costumes for one match but they were too hot even in Michigan!


OC Regional volunteers did some Ziggy Stardust-esque stars and glitter on their faces. Don’t have a photo.


Does this count?

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The NASA meatball pushes this into a yes.

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I’ve seen a decent amount of if space themed pits this year. I can’t even imagine re designing your pit every year…


Marketing got space-themed jumpsuits for our driveteam this year.

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For a number of years, 3946 has re-designed the pit graphics each year, often based on the game theme. I don’t believe any of these re-designs have significantly affected the pit layout, arrangement or functionality. This was certainly the case this year, when the facing surfaces were all DDs-based, but the internal layout was remarkably similar to last year’s.





1629 ‘Hidden Figures’ era drive team


Nice hats…

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Thanks, tried to take our regular chef hats and make them look like space helmets.

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I definitely saw more costuming at Bayou than Rock City. Some of it was simply that we had 281, 4013, and 3966 there in their wonted costumes, but I several drive teams with flight-suit looking jumpsuits, a 10 foot tall inflatable walking astronaut in the robot parade, and a dozen or so individuals, families, and other small groups who did their own space-themed costumes.