Destination: Deep Space Teaser

Notice the cubes in the corner. Reuse of power up cubes?

yea I relalize that It might be like a key supply or another objective to do???

I’ll bet you all of my CD rep that Power Up cubes will not be a game object this year.

I mean, that’s what FTC did this year with their game elements.

FTC has been recycling game elements for a few years now.

Plot Twist, the static that cut in on the stream occasionally was really a game hint.

But really, I think it would be neat if they replaced the driver station glass with something opaque so the drivers couldn’t see the field. In the teaser all the shots where from a camera perspective and had camera quality / blur. Human players could be used for extra communication / info about the robots position. and the audience / stream would still be able to see the action just fine.

Is it a long shot… maybe, but all those hours of camera only drive practice would finely come in handy!

You’ll win that bet every time because Power Up cubes are not a thing. :smiley:
Power Cubes are, even though they aren’t cubes :rolleyes:

Anyone know when this will be on youtube since I and many others cannot see twitch?

Honestly the trailer was ehh… not alot to really be like this might be a good game. The whole Boeing engineers helping design the game kind makes it seem like it will end up like recycle rush. I think it would be different to see them bring back the lunacy floor but allow any kind of wheel to be used. Also forsee alot of stairs and obstacles

So you’re betting nothing?..

I must say, the “transmission pending” vs “transmission unknown” on the top of the screen was tantalizing…makes a person wonder what scenes were meant to be analyzed further. Also, was it just me or at about 10 seconds into the video in the warehouse shot do the supports for the tank in the left middle of the screen and that conveniently placed blue package kind of resemble a robot?

Hey guys am I the only one who heard voices on the teaser for the first 5 secs

One thing that has not been done in a long time is having both alliances cooperate for a task that benefits them both. It appears the crew of the Primus Station has to escape a hazardous storm and they have to power/fuel an escape rocket. Here’s what could happen:

1: Have said rocket set up in the center of the field for both alliances to deposit game elements (Steamworks fuel? Aforementioned cubes?) into the tanks.

2: Each alliance scores X points for each piece they score. (X = number of points)

3: If the rocket is ready to fly when the buzzer sounds, BOTH alliances receive a RANK POINT or X bonus points depending on whether it’s a qualifying/playoff match.

Co-opertition has been on the field before and I think this could be a new opportunity for it to show-off again.

I miss OG game hints. This thread would be over 200 posts two hours in.

I think these teasers always relate to a very superficial aspect of the game. Last year we thought stairs, stairs, stairs because of the teaser but it only related to the Power Cube stack in front of the switch. Lame.

Two things I noted, and will throw out here for the over-analysis feeding frenzy that will soon ensue:

-Triangles, squares, and circles (especially circles) appear all over the screens in the control center type view.

-There are repeated views of doors, both stationary and opening (but not closing?)

I’ll make a guess for posterity’s sake, it might be fun to look back on. Not saying this would be a good game but it’s a game I’d expect FIRST to make.

The Deep Space exploration crew is preforming research at a remote outpost. Mission control informs them of a storm forcing them to scrub their mission. The astronauts get into the PAV (Primus Ascent Vehicle) where they control the robots to preform the launch procedures so they can launch at the end of the match.

The field will be called the “launchpad” with a PAV at each end (along the driver station wall). The game will start with “space debris” littered across the field. This debris must be cleared or else it may damage the PAV at liftoff. Robots must clear the “space debris” before they move onto the main game objective (similar to 2014). Teams will get more points for any debris cleared during the 15 second autonomous period at the start of the match.

The main scoring objective will be a game piece that’s different from the one used for space debris. Some sort of power cells, supplies or whatever. The game will require cycling this game piece into the PAV from “storage modules” located around the field. Scoring points for each game piece scored.

For the end game each PAV will be equipped with a two level pyramid like thing. The top level will hold one robot max and the bottom level will hold two maximum. To launch, all 3 robots must hang on the rungs. This requires one robot to climb to the second level before the other two robots can hang on the bottom level.

Like previous games there will be a point bonus for achieving 2 objectives and “launching”:

  1. Reach a certain level of supplies in the PAV
  2. All 3 robots must be hanging at the end of the match.

Clearing a certain amount of debris within the auto period and having all 3 robots hang will both have a rp bonus attached in quals.

I see a drive team of six people and VR (Virtual Reality) or AR (Augmented Reality) in play.

Almost 100% sure it will be a shooting game this year, between the constant references to “launch”, the many circles that were in the teaser, and the fact that last year was a placing game and I can’t imagine FIRST would follow up a placing game with another.

You didn’t like a half-hour of fluff for a thirty-second teaser that could have meant anything at all? How strange.

I noticed this too, and one of the last shots is a door closing. This makes me think of zones or something where you have timed areas (robot has to be small for endgame?) or areas you have to unlock.