Destination: Deep Space- The robot I would have built

Idk I didn’t actually prototype anything.

Iterations (hab 3, minor tweaks, etc.) to come. Feel free to copy or roast as you please


With that drive base, I imagine it would be difficult to do defense. I would suggest making them all traction.

Definitely one of my favorite MCC designs all year (Marcus’ Competitive Concept)!


Looks familiar! :wink:

The main differences I spot between these robots are the size and the intake. Smaller was definitely better for a low focus robot IMO. Our robot didn’t need to be as big as it was.

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This looks like a smaller version of the robot 323 built, minus the pink arm and suction climb. I love it.

Reminds me of another robot I’ve seen.

No way that had any influence on this design though, I doubt you’ve seen it before.


Contrary to popular belief, the only part I personally designed on that robot was the bumpers.

That said,

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Looking back, I’d build a very similar robot to what we built this year with two key changes:

  1. Make the hatch panel system work on the first level of the Rocket, which opens up a lot more cycling bandwidth for us.
  2. Hab 3. Seems like the grip-and-flip style could be adapted to our setup, though the custom spur gearbox it would’ve required would have been a major concern.

Basically, I would’ve built CyberTooth’s robot.