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Destination Einstein (DE) is a program founded by Team 2974, Walton Robotics, in collaboration with Georgia FIRST in which a full- size official FRC field is made available to all Georgia teams throughout the year to improve their robot skills. The original goal was to get a Georgia team to play in the world championships on the Einstein Field, but is has expanded to emphasize the value of collaboration.

Each year the Walton Robotics team builds a new full-size FRC game field. The field allows teams from across the state to take part in scrimmages on a full-size competition field. A few weeks after the field is built, we run a one-day, full-on pre bag-n-tag scrimmage that allows teams from across Georgia to practice driving their robots on a field before competing in the actual competitions. This practice event allows robot drivers to develop strategies to use during competition. It also allows teams to see the playing field and get a feel for how their robot will perform on the field. We also host weekly open field sessions, complete with tool and programming support.
We also run: GirlsFIRST events, which encourage girls to join FIRST; Coaches Coffees which allow coaches to network; strategy sessions; brainstorming sessions; an FLL tournament; an FTC championship; annual kickoff; and fun events such as our halloween DE, where everyone comes in their halloween costumes.
Over 50 teams have participated in Walton Robotics DE events. The DE program has expanded all over the country. DE has been replicated at 3 other locations in Georgia and I have heard about similar programs popping up in New York, North Carolina, and Colorado.