destruction of field?

correct me if i am wrong, and if so, take a rule book, reinforce it with steel and concrete(im sure you saavy FIRST people could do it) and bash my head in with it, but is there anything in the rules this year saying we cannot destroy the field?

i didnt see it there, might be generally understood under gracious professionalism, or is it like the ±1" dimensions on the field and considered part of “the challenge of the game”?

This is a question that didn’t need to be asked. The answer is obvious.


If they dont want metal or spikes on your wheels, do you really think they want you to destroy the field? I think this possibly takes the cake for “the dumbest question ever” award

The rules NEVER allow intentional damage to the playing field. I’m not even going to bother finding all the instances in the rules that prohibit damaging the field, the carpet, or anything else. Just don’t do it… anyone should know better than that.