Detailed Tote CAD File

Has anyone found a detailed CAD drawing (preferably in STEP format) of the totes used in this years game? I have seen this site which has been useful but am wondering if there is a more detailed version available. Thanks and have a great season everyone!

open the STEP assembly of game field and copy our one of the yellow totes

If you’re using Creo 3.0, or SolidWorks you can use the files that SolidWorks has provided. I’m not sure if Inventor has the ability to open .stdprt and .stdasm files.

You can download the zip folder by clicking on “NEW! FRC SOLIDWORKS Kit of Parts 2015” over at

Once you unzip the folder you’ll be able to access YELLOW-TOTE.sldprt, and GRAY-TOTE.sldprt.

You can download the field model in STEP format using the following link. The totes are included.


With any STEP file, the assembly is not constrained when imported and the colors may import differently. Use the images in the manual if you want to make the parts the actual color or material.

I would just like to point out that the totes in this model are not the correct dimensions.


Please check your Private Messages.

When i import the stp into inventor the totes are 16.25 x 26.75 instead of 16.9 x 26.9


As noted, the same 3D tote models are provided to all software vendors.

Can you direct me to the source of the 16.9 x 26.9 dimensions.

Thanks again for your input.

I downloaded the STEP files from this link, opened them in inventor 2014.

The 16.9 x 26.9 are the dimensions listed in the manual, and what was measured on our actual tote provided in the kit of parts.

2.3.1 TOTES
Each ALLIANCE has access to two (2) types of TOTES; Yellow TOTES (Pantone 109M) and Gray TOTES (Pantone 423M). Each TOTE is
26.9 in. long,16.9 in. wide, 12.1 in. tall, and made of a rigid plastic.

Edit: I’m working on getting pictures of a tape measure on our actual tote.


Thanks. I am following up with the supplier of the 3D tote model to determine which dimensions we should use.

If we need to resize the 3D model it is an easy fix using Derived Parts.

The model is also missing some dividers that extend down from the top edge of the long sides of the tote. You can see them pretty clearly at 3:06 in the following video: 2015 FRC Field Tour

Good Catch!

I’m not expecting it to actually trip anyone up, since i’d hope most designers would have access to a physical tote… But if you’re doing fiddly things with forks down the sides, those dividers would make the tote sit about an inch higher.

Does anyone have this model in an .obj, .dae, .3ds or some other non-obfuscated file format?

Edit: Sorry, I did not see the inventor section. I’m all set to go!