Detecting TalonFX on the CAN bus

Another iteration of Detecting Talon SRX and Victor SPX.

We have code we have used in past years to detect if a CAN device is not responded when the robot comes up; we use this to keep from spamming the console when devices are missing (which happens on a test chassis or with a mule board).

Does anyone know what the CAN message ids for the general status messages from TalonFXs are, so we can add code to detect those? I would normally look in the source code for the Phoenix API, but it’s not available for the TalonFX.

FX is the same as SRX. I would just rename “Talon SRX” to “Talon” in your detection. You can’t have an FX and SRX on the same ID so you lose nothing.

oh! didn’t realize that FX and SRX lived in same id space.

Will test code this afternoon (hope the rewrite of the CAN stuff doesn’t break us!)

yep. detects just the same. thanks.