determine CPU utilization?

Trying to finish up our telemetry. The piece of information I want to stuff into the dashboard is CPU utilization.

I’ve been all over the wpilibj source looking for where the CPU utilization is determined and sent, and am starting to suspect it’s at a level below Java.

Does anyone else have a clue how to determine CPU utilization and send it along?

barring that, is it possible to export the DS logs in a format we could correlate with team-recorded data?

I wish…

If only to correlate battery voltage to actuation, thus creating better mechanism simulators for next year.

I also believe the CPU utilization is below WPILib.

Here’s an explanation of the ds log format from a few years ago:

Battery voltage is easily measured by robot code, and can be correlated there or sent to the driver station.

Joe is right about the battery voltage, and they even give us an easy way to measure it, DriverStation.getbatteryVoltage().

Joe: thanks for the pointer! I was a-fearing the logs would be in TDMS (I remember doing a Java parser for that a few years ago, not something I would try to walk a high school student through). The log file format as documented by Greg is workable (and good to see we have more resolution than the clipboard export provides).

We’re on the practice field tomorrow (our first year of being done early enough to practice on Saturday <WOOT>), so I hope to have quiet time watching the students and hexdumping log files.