Determining IP of Robo Rio (Competition Time)

We have a Raspberry Pi connected to our robot this year.

While testing we were using the same IP that I thought our roborio would always have.
However it sounds like from hearing from other people that the FMS will issue us a new IP
for each match. I need to figure out some sort of way so the raspberry pi knows the IP and can
packets to the proper location.

Are there any solutions? Some sort of broadcast from the robo rio?

The easiest way is probably to set up your network with static IPs


so the field management system doesn’t reset our IPs?

This is incorrect. The radio will still issue 10.TE.AM.2 to the roborio at events.

Correct. The robot radio always assigns IPs (when your robot is set up as DHCP). The field shouldn’t have any affect on which devices are assigned what IPs. The radio and roboRIO should always have the same IP in either mode (.1 for the radio, .2 for the roboRIO). With DHCP your DS and any other peripherals on the network will be automatically assigned random IPs, whereas if you configure them to be static they’ll always have whatever IP you give them.

@RufflesRidge is correct that according to your specific user case you may not need to use static IPs because the roboRIO will always be .2, but I would still recommend it that way your rpi won’t constantly be changing IPs. We generally recommend going static wherever you use peripheral devices on the network, and it’s recommended that the entire network be either static or dynamic to avoid problems.

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