Hey, all info here guys about htis regional!

I think that hosting the event at Wayne State was a good move! Awesome Building and the Restrooms are right next to the pits!!! :smiley:

The restrooms are in a perfect location.
The food is in a great location.
As for the pits and the competition locations, it’s definitely no Houston! :slight_smile:

The people are nice. The inspectors are fair. (One of the volunteers used to be on our team.) Overall, seems to be great regional.

Wishing all the Detroit Regional teams good luck!

Oh, and our pit is right next to the SCREAM team. :slight_smile: Cool.

This is going to be a fun regional. The only problem I forsee is seating, especially on Saturday. Almost all teams are local, and I’m sure parents will want to come cheer their kids on. I suppose we’ll wait and see.

the venue is nice. i like a lot. but the seating areas are okay. sitting on bleachers and it only gives you a little space to sit. also, there’s subway across the street with a chinese restraunt. :smiley: we get to bring those food in too…
I hope everyone that is in this competion does their best! practice runs was fun especially for us. Hehehe. But enjoy!

It’s so small… like an OCCRA competition! The only FIRST regionals we’ve been to before are Ypsilanti and Grand Rapids, so the atmosphere in Detroit was quite a change. Also, we finally have our bar-grabber and our autonomous program working! Good luck to all!!! I’ll see you tomorrow! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

BTW, I’m surprised that so many teams went to out-of-state regionals instead of Ypsi. Is it just for variety?

::wince:: I think it might be bad both days. I know a lot of people are coming tomorrow to watch our team…

Frankly, I get kinda claustraphobic in this kind of setting. I rather like the big regionals such as Chicago or Ypsi. Here at Wayne it seems kinda cramped, and I don’t think that teams will be able to go as wild as usual (#1 Advocate of going crazy at competitions!). It’s fortunate that there are so few teams, or it could be a LARGE problem.

On the plus side, our autonomous program is awesome. And our robot actually works! Good luck tomorrow, everyone!

yeah. this is a pretty sweet place.
we’ve got a 45 min drive but i like the setup and its a bit more comfortable than say Great Lakes. The robots look good and its going to be lots of fun, my bet is that Chief Delphi and Killer Bees get together and take the whole thing… we’ll see.
good luck and have fun!

Does anyone have updates from todays (Friday) competition? Who’s doing well?

I’m liking the regional so far. It’s pretty small which means more matches for everyone and much less confusion. It’s a much different atmosphere from other regionals, but I could get used to it. There’s a lot of good teams and the facility is great. Unfortunately there’s not much room for expansion so there could never be very many teams there, but it’s definitely a worthwhile experience.

Lots of good matches though many seem to be uneventful. Many good teams none-the-less.

Killer bees have been doing an excellent job at small ball handling though some teams have found ways to stop them. Chief has a great bot, but they seem to have been having mechanical problems with their bot. Probots drive train is killer and won them an award (I forgot which one already lol). Juggies seem to have been having some troubles with their ball mechanisms, but the last few matches looked as though most of the bugs were dealt with. 515 has a killer big ball grabber. 1447 (Panther Robotics) has an amazing robot for being a rookie team. In fact, all the rookies seemed to have some great looking bots (and there’s a lot of them). I can’t think of any other teams in specific that I have watched at this moment.

Oh yeah, and Paul from 217 Thunder Chickens won the Woodie Flowers award. He’s the MC btw and is doing a great job at it.

Chief Delphi is doing well, as are the Live Wires, Killer Bees, and Team 123. In fact, NBC Channel 4’s Chuck Gadica did the weather and interviewed teams while at the competition, so we ran some bonus matches with the top 8 teams.

We ThunderChickens had a rough start, but we bounced back after lunch.

Cogratulations to Paul Copioli for winning the Detroit Woodie Flowers Finalist Award! You’re a great Announcer, MC, Mentor, and friend, and I’m proud to have you on our team! :smiley:

Other awards:
1188 - Imagery Award
33 - Controls Award
406 - Judges Award
857 - Delphi D.T. Technology Award
301 - Xerox Creativity Award (??)
1000 - DCX Spirit Award

Could somebody be so kind to give us a run down of the friday standings and which awards were won so far?

Thanks :]

Let’s see…I know Chief Delphi (47) is currently fourth, and Team 33 is fifth. I know that 235 and 123 are also up in the top eight…unfortunately, I can’t remember all of the rankings off the top of my head. Sorry. :slight_smile:

I do know the most important ranking - by some miracle, 818 is currently 13th. We’ve done this even though our robot hasn’t done a single thing it’s been designed for - it has problems herding balls, it physically can’t hang, and I have yet to see it grab one of the doublers and cap a goal in a match.

I’ve been having fun at Detroit…I like the atmosphere. It reminds me of West Michigan, except slightly smaller. The matches have been fun to watch, and the people have been great.

The single best match of the day was the one that didn’t count. The local NBC station came down to do a live broadcast for their 5:00 PM news. The actual qualifying matches were done, so they set up a match between the top four seeds. That match was a lot of fun to watch - it had a hanging robot, a capped goal, great human player accuracy…literally, almost everything was in that one match. The second match run for the news broadcast (the fifth through eighth seeds) was also a great one. It’s too bad that those didn’t count in the standings…

If I could change anything for tomorrow: sitting immediately behind Chief Delphi is a bad idea. I like the team and all, but they’ve given me a massive headache…They’ve got too much spirit. :slight_smile:

Overall, I had a great time. I’ll be there again tomorrow, cheering on whoever’s doing well. If anyone wants to talk to me, just look for the guy with red hair in an 818 shirt. :slight_smile:

[edit]Three posts in the time it took me to write this…wow. :smiley:

Also, I almost forgot this…

Congrats to Paul Copioli - you definitely deserve the WFA![/edit]

rodger that!!! having alot of fun, practice matches were boring, but friday was excellent. the only thing i hate are the bleachers; your very vulnerable to losing something through it.

g0 COSMOS! cant wait till finals :smiley:
good luck to everyone!
team 123 is in 4th place

Team Cosmos!!!123!!! w00t

cya tommorow :smiley:

857 - Delphi D.T. Technology Award

301 won an award, but I can’t remember which one. It was technical though.

Sorry. Too many bloody technical awards to keep track of. ::blush::

Anyone get vidoe of the news cast on channle 4. It would be great to see it.

I saw one match where the Killer Bees got knocked over and was then pushed in front of one of their corrals.

First 1241 gets capped at GLR, then 33 is used to block a corral. Is it just me, or are people mistaking robots for mobil goals? :rolleyes:

ya i believe that was when cheif delphi hit the robot in autonomous mode and tipped the robot and soon as driver took control, he pushed them straight down :smiley: excellent strategy. someone correct me if it was in autonomous mode when they got knocked over or afterwards?

got video of channel 4, but i dont think it was much :S only once or twice they scanned the ‘mock’ audience

It was not chief delphi, it was SCREAM. and we were thier aliance (scream’s that is) they knocked them over in auton, then continued to bash them into the driving mode, making the judges subtract 50 points from out score, and add 50 to thiers. the call was good, the act was redicouls, and im going to find it hard to forgive them for that one.